Pretty Gaming Casino: Introduction and Guidelines

Escape the monotony of online casino gambling. with the latest styles from the web, Delete old photos that are very boring and not provocative. With a selection of models, pretty girls, cute girls, X-shaped figures, sexy bulging breasts, wearing dizzying outfits From a real Thai girl, of course, 100% net idol level. and many famous Pretty to become a dealer (Dealer staff) and take care of all gamblers’ customers. Help increase the excitement within the top casinos. to live online in real time Create more excitement in winning bets. Pretty Gaming Casino is a Casino Online that is full of fun, exciting, challenging, dizzying for real gamblers, without any problems, with international standards. With the same team as SAGaming that takes care of every step of the system installation.

How to apply for Pretty Gaming Casino

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You can choose to apply easily in either of two ways:

  1. Apply online automatically at the website. convenient and fast (Fill in the form completely automatically, remember the username used to log in and your password or personal password)
  2. Apply via Line Line@: @prettygaming Suitable for newbies who are not good at applying through the website. (Contact the staff to inform personal details, wait for User and Password)

Information used to apply for Pretty Gaming Casino

  • Name-surname of the person who wishes to apply
  • telephone number of those who wish to apply
  • Bank account by bank account name Must be the same name as those who wish to apply for membership only.

** Personal information that customers use to apply for membership with Pretty Gaming Web. We will keep it a secret. And not used in other fields can be 100% assured.

What casino games does Pretty Gaming Casino offer?

Pretty Game’s Casino Online has a wide variety of games to choose from. All kinds of popular gambling games such as:

1. Pretty Baccarat

Pretty Gaming Casino: Pretty Baccarat

Baccarat is the most popular casino card game. Because the rules are similar to playing poker bounce. that counts the total points of the first two cards dealt To get close to 9 points is considered the highest. If the point is less than 5, a third card is usually drawn. But Baccarat’s third card draw rules are more detailed. In playing, it is divided into two sides to bet on, namely Blue Player (Player’s side) and Red Banker (Banker’s side). If either side has more total points, it is the winning side. which is the most special at Pretty Gaming website only where there are beautiful Thai girls at the level of Pretty to deal cards make cards for customers Let’s have fun with the most dizzying outfits. Besides, a new method of playing has been created for a greater chance of winning, that is, Baccarat Insurance.

Baccarat Insurance

Baccarat Insurance is the purchase of additional insurance in the baccarat table to protect the player’s bets. You can choose insurance for both the banker’s side and the player’s side. In playing baccarat insurance is the protection of the money that we have a bet. In the case of buying baccarat insurance If the player loses, the player does not lose all his bets. will only lose half But if you win, you will get full money. The selection of bets in the form of Baccarat Insurance is another form that is very popular to play.

How to Play Insurance Baccarat

Rules generally like to play baccarat regular cards will be dealt with the player (Player) and the dealer (Banker) per side 2 and then will come a point that the banks would get closer to 9 points. the most (The highest score of this game is 9 points), but insurance baccarat is This will be an opportunity to prevent the loss of all players’ money. But playing has some limitations.

  1. The player must place bets on the banker. to be able to ensure the dealer Or placing a bet on the player, it will also place the player’s insurance as well. In 1 round, the insurance can be placed 1 time.
  2. Each round of betting the insurance amount must not be higher than The money that is bet on the player or the banker when the game starts when the cards are dealt for a period of time. It will be open to place insurance.
  3. In general, playing an insurance baccarat web. There is a format that is not different from the normal bar, plus insurance baccarat. There is still a chance to get a refund from losing money, making most people like to play baccarat insurance. Because it’s like having insurance from gambling.

Pros and Cons of Playing Baccarat Insurance

Pretty Gaming Casino: Advantages of playing insurance baccarat

  • Increase the duration of playing baccarat longer Because there is coverage when we make a choice.
  • Your funds can be deposited. Without the need to lose all is how to play Baccarat Insurance that keeps your money intact
  • It can reduce the risk of strokes in which you are insecure.

Pretty Gaming Casino: Disadvantages of playing insurance baccarat

  • Although not losing all the capital But it may be less profitable.
  • In some online casinos, this function not enabled makes you unable to choose. How to play insurance baccarat in that game, which the casinos that are available to play will have Prettygaming, etc.

2. Roulette

Pretty Gaming Casino: Roulette

Roulette is a game originating from France. In roulette, gambling mostly focused on gambling. Some gamblers may use probability and statistics to help. how to play roulette is to select a number in the box of the spinning wheel Which will have a ball or glass ball put into it to roll and stop at any number hole Which can predict more than 1 number, just guess correctly will get a lot of money.

3. Pretty Gaming Casino: Sic Bo Hi-Lo

Sic Bo is a casino game that Thai people well known for. They played together since grandparents. Until the era of playing online through the Prettygaming Casino Online website, which will have a very sexy girl coming to shake the dice cup. How to play dice online is to predict the sum of the 3 dice that are shaken in the cup. Which has to choose to bet on both Teng, Tod, High, Low.

4. Money Wheel

Wheel of fortune game [Money Wheel] is the easiest to play. Yields up to 50:1 (Bonus) is a game that originated from Hoo Hey How or the ancient Chinese dice game. with pretty girls, in sexy outfits spinning this wheel. It greatly increases the enjoyment.

5. Pretty Gaming Casino: Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a card game that is easy to play, with quick results, commonly found in casinos in Asia. It symbolizes the battle between two powerful beasts in Chinese mythology, the ferocious tiger. The lord of wild beasts and dragons, which is a mythical creature with great supremacy and has high prestige. The result of betting on Tiger, Dragon cards, just knowing how many points each card represents. When Pretty reveals only one card per side, the result immediately known.

6. Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a game that originated in China. The way to play in ancient times was to cover the beans with a glass cup. and then sorted into piles or sorted into sets with chopsticks until the last remaining set left for the player to guess the number of beans remaining Currently using buttons or beads instead.

7. Cow Cow Baccarat

Cow Cow Baccarat is different from playing Baccarat in general by using only 1 deck of cards to be dealt to play. This makes it easier to remember which cards have been released. Therefore, it can use to record or need statistics in order to make eye contact easier. which adds excitement to the players The odds can go as high as 9:1 and players won’t know the odds until the dealer-staff Pretty girls show their cards.

8. Pretty Gaming Casino: Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game in online casinos that is not very popular among Asian gamblers. and in our country as well Many gamblers do not know the rules of playing blackjack cards. But in the west, it is very popular. How to play that may require both luck and skill at the same time. The winner is the person whose card total 21 is Blackjack or closest. by having to study how much each card counts.

Pretty Gaming Casino: What are the advantages and interesting?

  1. The first, the only one with Pretty Pretty, pretty, pretty, big breasts, wearing sexy outfits, takes care, deals cards, and runs the game like a seductive professional.
  2. With a professional team from SA Gaming that takes care of every step of the system. With international standards, you can be confident without any problems in use. not closed for updates often
  3. Easy to play via the mobile system, supports both ios, iPhone, and Android.
  4. There is an automatic system for depositing, withdrawing, quickly, automatically, and easily.
  5. Besides, there are promotions, discounts, exchanges, giveaways, the best, the hottest promotion, worth the turnover.
  6. There are many online casino games to play, complete and easy to play.
  7. Stable, safe, absolutely no cheating problems. Because we are a direct website, not through agents.

Apply for Pretty Gaming Casino, an online casino that gamblers should not miss trying.

So don’t wait to sign up for online casino gambling with Pretty Gaming, an international standard website. High stability, ensuring that there are no problems in use with a professional team. The administrator and the same system as the SAGaming website, both the fun of gambling with all kinds of games to play, all types, and the ease of signing up. and use of the website Value in the hottest promotions we offer speed of deposit-withdrawal through the automatic system, stable, safe, without problems of being cheated and enjoyment It’s dizzy to see net idols or pretty girls wearing sexy outfits. (Pretty beautiful dealer staff) X figure, big breasts to take care and deal cards to play. because of the website we understand, care and never stop developing for all gamblers. (Source: Pretty Gaming)

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